A diverse and inclusive work environment ensures staff have the skills, understanding, and time to influence the success of the Division.


1. Examine the existing IT climate to identify and implement engagement strategies.

2. Broaden the current professional development program.

3. Establish workplace transparency across the Division.

4. Advance ubiquitous communication within IT and across the University.


1.1 Continue to conduct IT climate surveys and aggregate data on an annual basis.

1.2 Implement processes to collect continuous feedback.

2.1 Implement quarterly training sessions available to all IT staff.

3.1 Foster manager-employee relationships through monthly check-ins.

3.2 Implement IT community forums for staff interaction.

3.3 Introduce the use of common language for a collaborative culture.

3.4 Train managers in support of strengthening a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

3.5 Integrate new employees into the IT organization by formalizing a robust and innovative on-boarding process.

4.1 Expand the current comprehensive communication and marketing plan to effectively share information.

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Last Published 4/8/22

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