A robust and secure next-gen cyber infrastructure lays the foundation for all information technology services the University provides to its constituents.


1. Drive digital transformation with cloud enabling technologies.

2. Minimize information security risks for the University.

3. Align next-gen cyber infrastructure technologies with the changing needs of the University.

4. Increase campus-wide wireless coverage to 100%.


1.1 Partner with the Division of Academic Affairs to integrate a high performance computing infrastructure to support student and faculty research in the cloud.

1.2 Expand the University IT infrastructure with diverse cloud providers and migrate 50% of campus hosted infrastructure to the cloud.

1.3 Upgrade administrative systems and infrastructure to next-gen technologies.

2.1 Expand the use of multi-factor authentication for systems and user accounts.

2.2 Inventory sensitive data, review user access, conduct information security training, and apply appropriate controls.

2.3 Conduct quarterly vulnerability security scans and remediate findings.

2.4 Deliver secure infrastructure by establishing a centralized One-IT organization for the University.

2.5 Develop and implement a plan to centralize and enhance the security and patch management of information systems.

2.6 Develop and promote policies for use of personal devices.

2.7 Enhance and implement the cybersecurity incident response plan for the University.

3.1 Develop an infrastructure road map to plan for evolving campus needs.

3.2 Implement a highly available and redundant infrastructure for all critical IT services.

3.3 Implement Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution in the cloud.

3.4 Deploy next-gen infrastructure to support research computing environments.

4.1 Upgrade the University Wi-Fi infrastructure and implement additional resources in buildings, parking structures, and outdoor spaces.

4.2 Enable next-gen innovations through upgrades of wireless infrastructure.

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Last Published 4/8/22

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