Seminars and Colloquia

The CSUF Mathematics Department hosts a number of mathmatics-related colloquia and seminars.



The CSUF Mathematics Department Colloquium features scholars presenting exciting new developments in a diverse collection of mathematics research areas.

The CSUF Mathematics Education Colloquium showcases researchers in mathematics education, including teaching petagogy and diversity equity and inclusion. 



The CSUF Virtual Geometry Seminar is an online mathematics seminar hosted mathematicians from all over the world speaking on recent advances in differential geometry and related areas.

The CSUF Problem Solving Seminar features talks from CSUF faculty and students on mathematical methods of problem solving, with the intention of preparing students for the Putnam Exam and the GRE math subject test.


If you would like to learn more about our department and/or have any questions for us, feel free to send us an email at, or visit our Contact Us page for more information.