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This event took place on November 4th, 2023. For more information on other CSUF events, follow us on Instagram @CSUFoutreach . 

Fall in Love with Fullerton is an event for prospective students, incoming transfer students, and family and friends! The event aims to showcase the campus and provide a glimpse of the Titan Experience, while highlighting the many programs, services, and resources our campus has to offer. 

What to Expect!

Cal State Apply Lab 

Student with Tuffy

The Cal State Apply application is open October 1 - November 30. At Fall In Love with Fullerton, you will have admission experts on-site to ensure you have the assistance you need to submit your application. Complete your application on or before Fall In Love with Fullerton and receive a free t-shirt while supplies last!

Resource Fair

Resource Fair

Cal State Fullerton has many programs, services, and resources on campus dedicated to supporting your personal, academic, and career success. Check out the Fall In Love with Fullerton resource fair to connect with our staff and faculty, who are eager to meet you and help you reach higher as a future Titan. 

Campus Tours

Campus Tour

Our highly trained Titan Ambassadors are ready to show you around campus! At Fall In Love with Fullerton, visit some of our signature locations such as the Titan Letters, the Titan Student Union, the Pollak Library, and much more.

Schedule of Events

Fall In Love 2023 Agenda

Hear From Our Students!

Nathen, a Titan Ambassador


"I chose CSUF because I wanted to be able to commute to campus and go to school in Orange County. I also chose CSUF because I knew there would be many opportunities for me to get involved! My advice for future Titans is to stay organized! Plan and schedule a time for homework, work, and to rest. Also, (with virtual learning) turn your camera on as much as you can. It helps you stay engaged with the lecture."

Laryssa, a Titan Ambassador


"I had visited CSUF a few times before becoming a student, and CSUF felt like home in a way. My high school mascot was also Titan, and we had a saying “Once a Titan, Always a Titan" so it just felt right. Plus Disneyland was down the street! My advice for new Titans is to enjoy it! Take everything you can out of it, virtual or in-person. The campus has so many free resources for students that are there to make our experience the best it can be."

Bri, a Titan Ambassador


"I felt at home once I stepped on campus, The community was so welcoming that I didn't want to leave! I fell in love with the location & knew I had many opportunities for my career. My advice for future Titans is to GET INVOLVED! My college experience would have been nothing if I didn't meet the people I did whether it be in academic clubs, fraternity/sorority life & my on campus job. There are endless opportunities when you network in college."

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