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2021 Non-profit
We support the higher education and successful reintegration of the formerly incarcerated.
Successful university education enhances self-efficacy, civic engagement, and social and
global awareness. It also enlarges the moral imagination and instills skills and habits that
assist people in securing gainful employment and living meaningful, responsible lives.

Project Rebound

Am I Eligible for Project Rebound?

Project Rebound at CSU Fullerton welcomes inquiries from anyone who has been incarcerated or has prior criminal justice system involvement and is interested in obtaining a university education and degree. All current Cal State Fullerton students with prior criminal justice system involvement are eligible to participate in Project Rebound. Below, you will find our admissions requirements. However, for prospective students who don't yet meet the academic requirements for admission to Cal State University Fullerton, Project Rebound's motto is: "We don't say 'no' we say 'not yet," and we advise and mentor those students on what they can do to become eligible.


To be eligible, individuals must:

  • Be formerly incarcerated or have prior criminal justice system involvement; on or off parole or probation
  • Be living or paroling to the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area (Orange, L.A., Riverside, San Bernardino counties)
  • Possess the ability and commitment to perform college-level work
  • Be motivated to succeed and benefit from a college education
  • Maintain satisfactory progress and complete at least 6 units each semester
  • Submit an admission application
  • Submit a financial aid application

Join us at Cal State Fullerton



For transfer students:

  • 56-60 units of college credit
  • College transcripts
  • Satisfactory completion of the "Golden Four"


 For first-time freshmen:

  • High School Transcripts/GED
  • ACT or SAT scores


Volunteers are at the intentional, relational, and professional core of our program's mission. Perhaps you have specialized knowledge or a special skill or vocational talent.  We seek talented, committed, and patient volunteers as tutors for specific academic disciplines, as well as volunteers with knowledge and skills in computer/tech, A/V, photography, videography and graphic arts.  Those with specializations in legal, social work or counseling services are strongly suited to our mission.  Whatever your background or level of expertise, if you feel called to serve, we hope to hear from you. 

Titan Hall for Students

Community of Project Rebound

Project Rebound believes in the cultivation and promotion of volunteer talent. We invite you to complete either the  Community Volunteer Application  or the  Student Volunteer Application  and return it to our office.


Connect With Us

California State University, Fullerton is committed to engaging the community and building enduring partnerships to strengthen and enrich the region. Project Rebound actualizes this commitment by fostering community partnerships and joining other CSU campuses to improve communities by helping the men and women who have been involved with the criminal justice system become serious students. A baccalaureate degree transforms lives by broadening cultural and conceptual horizons, honing critical thinking and ethical reasoning skills, and opening new possibilities and career pathways. Project Rebound graduates of California State University, Fullerton will join thousands of proud alumni in being socially conscious, civically engaged, and productive members and leaders of our region.  


To begin your journey toward university education, download the  Prospective Student Questionnaire.

If you are already a Cal State Fullerton student, download the  Continuing CSUF Student Questionnaire.

To discuss eligibility, obtain an application or additional information, please  contact our office.