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Tonantzin Oseguera

Dear Titan Family,

I hope that each of you are well. My name is Tonantzin Oseguera (she/her/hers/ella), and I serve as the Vice President for Student Affairs at Cal State Fullerton. As we know, the national conversation around diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, equality, and racism reached new levels in 2020. We must acknowledge that racism is a public health emergency and it has disproportionally affected our communities of color. The conversation must continue, and we are doing our part to ensure it does.

Thank you for taking interest in the work that the Division of Student Affairs does as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and we hope you find this webpage – a centralized resource recapping our DEI progress at CSUF – to be useful.

We live in a world in which racism is embedded into social and political structures. Higher Education is one of those structures. We have students, faculty, and staff who may experience racial bias every single day. We have policies, processes, and practices that need revisiting. Although we can’t solve all largescale issues, one thing is for certain: The Division of Student Affairs is here to fight the good fight, working tirelessly until every member of our campus community has an equitable opportunity for success and belonging. We value our role in DEI work and are committed to widening our efforts to cultivate a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture on campus, now and always. 

Thank you again, and if you have questions, comments, concerns, or would like to contribute to our work, please do not hesitate to email me at 

Be well, be joyous.

Oseguera Signature

Tonantzin Oseguera
Vice President
Division of Student Affairs

Race/Ethnicity: Student Affairs Staff

Demographics Spring 2020

Workforce Demographic Breakdown
Race/Ethnicity: Student Affairs Staff Total Employees
Hispanic/Latinx 114 (36%)
White 108 (34%)
Asian 47 (15%)
Black/African American 35 (11%)
Not Specified 15 (5%)


Sex and Gender: Student Affairs Staff

The Division of Student Affairs recognizes and affirms that diverse identities, associated with sex assigned at birth and gender, exist on our campus. At this time, the current data does not reflect persons with non-binary identities and thus are not included within our demographic information. To learn more about gender-diverse identities, please visit

The Division of Student Affairs: A True Model of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Division of Student Affairs is looked to as a leader at California State University, Fullerton and beyond for its critical work and advocacy for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Staff within the Division are specially educated and trained to handle the complexities of identity, with in-depth conversations and initiatives around race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender occurring regularly. In a world that seems like it is becoming more aware of historical inequalities and systemic racism with each passing day, the Division of Student Affairs is prepared to play its role in all moments and movements.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practices of Student Affairs Staff

    • Require sexual harassment and sexual misconduct prevention training annually for all employees, including full-time staff, part-time staff, graduate assistants, and student assistants at CSUF.  
    • Require discrimination, harassment and retaliation prevention training annually for all employees, including full-time staff, part-time staff, graduate assistants, and student assistants at CSUF. 
    • Offer voluntary LGBTQ+ Ally training and UndocuAlly training (undocumented student ally training) through Diversity Initiatives and Resource Centers for staff, faculty, and students across campus.
    • Provide voluntary VetNet Ally training offered by the Veterans Resource Center for all staff, faculty, and students.

  • Encourage Division-wide participation in the Cal State Fullerton Common Read Program
  • Lead university-wide conversations, safe spaces, and times of healing for sociopolitical and geopolitical issues through multiple departments.
  • Developed an Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan through Titan Athletics, which included the creation of an Athletics Equity Committee and a sub-committee to examine and offer input for NCAA diversity, equity, and inclusion matters.
  • Examine systemic policies and practices in place within the Division of Student Affairs and provide support across campus in this same area to ensure equitable services are offered to employees and students.
  • Host annual professional development series; provide financial support for staff to participate and present at local and national conferences; engage in assessment, affirmative recruitment and inclusive practices.

Health Equity and Advocacy Taskforce

In November 2020, Student Welness established the Health Equity and Advocacy Taskforce (HEAT), with the collective vision to build health equity into the Titan Experience for the campus community. The work group is comprised of staff from all areas of Student Wellness, including Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Health Services, and TitanWell Health Promotion Services. HEAT plans to accomplish this by examining wellness policies and advocating for changes that improve patient care including racial justice education for staff.

The Division of Student Affairs: Serving Students through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work

As mentioned above, the Division of Student Affairs is looked to as a leader at CSUF and beyond for its critical work and advocacy for diversity, equity, and inclusion in all areas. Students are supported in contemporary and progressive ways by Student Affairs staff, being offered the resources necessary to live and thrive in a globalized society. The diversity, equity, and inclusion work is tailored for both current and prospective students.

Student Resources


    • Associated Students, CSUF, Inc., central to campus life at CSUF, has been hosting a series of Town Hall events for students to be informed on campus issues and have an opportunity to share their opinions and concerns. In fact, ASI recently passed resolutions on Civil Disobedience and Social Justice, Denouncing Hate Speech and Supporting Diversity at CSUF, to name a few.
    • The Office of Admissions utilizes enrollment management efforts to exert more systematic influence over the number and characteristics of new students, as well as influence the persistence of students to continue their enrollment from the time of their matriculation to their graduation. 
    • The Career Center and Center for Internships & Community Engagement foster meaningful relationships through career, internship and community engagement opportunities; mentorship programs; learning centers; academic partnerships; diversity centers and equity and inclusion efforts and much more. These teams are focused on the persistence and graduation rates of students, aiming to empower Titans in the process of matriculation.
    • Center for Scholars offers a course to all incoming and transfer scholars, Smart Start/Reading 201A. Welcome receptions with the President for their Guardian Scholars and President’s Scholars. Guardian Scholars have a spring retreat and they provide all scholars wellness workshops with CAPS in the center. They have created student associations for the different scholar programs to enable students to learn leadership skills and continue to provide their Ally training to the campus community.
    • Offered through Counseling & Psychological Services, YOU@Fullerton is an online portal to increase effectiveness and reach of existing campus resources.
    • Disability Support Services offers DSS Connect, gatherings for students to learn more about resources and be in community with other students with disabilities. In addition, each October, DSS hosts Disability Awareness Day to recognize successes and accomplishments of students with disabilities.
    • Diversity Initiatives and Resource Centers (DIRC) creates learning environments and opportunities that support the University mission by preparing students to become socially-conscious leaders in a global society by offering workshops and trainings that address issues related to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, gender, ability, and class.
    • DIRC has annualized some of their signature events, including welcome weeks within the centers and community conversations. With over 200 events each year the centers focus on identity development and the social and academic growth of students.
    • Educational Opportunity Programs offers a five-week residential transitional program (Summer Bridge). Students are required to participate in a learning community for the first year in the program. Transfer students participate in a two-day transfer Bridge program.
    • Male Success Initiative (MSI) has their Fellows program, BROrientation and MSI week. The use their social media and newsletter to communicate with students. The have monthly Scholar gatherings and an annual Brother 2 Brother retreat.
    • Outreach and Recruitment and Titan Orientation Programs partner together to provide outreach, recruitment and informational services primarily to secondary school, and community college students both in-state and out-of-state prospective students. By the very nature of their work, the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion are pillars for each department's operations. Serving as a clearinghouse for all prospective student inquiries, these departments help students navigate the college application and matriculation process, as well as inform them of the various programs available to help them succeed.
    • Student Life & Leadership hosts Discoverfest during both the Fall and Spring semesters to promote student organizations and engagement beyond the classroom, including in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Emerging Leaders Program uses a cohort model to provide leadership educations to students.
    • Veterans Resource Center hosts a welcome dinner and orientation for new students to share their resources, services and program benefits.

Additional Campus Resources

Professional Associations

Campus Care