Start a new student organization

The Titan Experience is unique to all students at CSUF. Students can start a new organization on campus in November to be active the beginning the following Spring Semester. 

New Organization Criteria

1 President
1 Treasurer
1 Faculty/Staff Advisor
3 Members
Organization Constitution
A few facts and information about your new organization

Presidents and Treasurers of Student Organizations must meet the CSU Minimum Qualifications for Minor Student Office HoldersOpens in new window . All Student Organizations must adhere to the policies, procedures and guidelines outlined in the CSU Chancellor's Executive Order 1068Opens in new window  .


Students interested in starting a new organization are encouraged to fill out the New Organization Interest Form on TitanLink (under Campus Links) to stay up to date with the registration process.

new org interest form link Opens in new window  

Please note, the New Org Interest Form will close during New Org Registration.  Complete a New Org Registration Form  instead. 

Privileges of Registered Student Organizations


  • TitanLinkOpens in new window Organizational Access
  • Your organization profile is listed in TitanLink along with University materials as promotion to prospective members
  • Eligible to make banner space reservations
  • Able to post information about upcoming events on TitanLink and utilize the Event Pass Feature


Organizations affiliated with an ASI Inter-Club Council  (ICC) can request funding through the  processes set forth by the respective ICC. Student Organizations who are not elgible for membership in an ICC can  request funding directly through the ASI Finance CommitteeOpens in new window

Office & Locker Space

Eligible for Titan Student Union Office Space and LockersOpens in new window

Venue Reservations

Ability to reserve on-campus facilities for meetings and special events, such as classrooms and outdoor locations (i.e. Titan Walk, Quad, Titan Student Union, Tuffy Lawn, etc.) through TitanLinkOpens in new window

ASI Accounting Services

Registered Student Organizations are eligible to establish an ASI Agency Account. Opens in new window

To establish the ASI Agency Account, please visit  the Student Organization Agency Accounts page and complete the Agency Account FormPDF File

Organizational Support

Receive assistance with organization development on issues related to recruitment, program planning, budget management, fundraising, conflict resolution and policy interpretation.

A TitanLink GroupOpens in new window is available for Student Organization Officers to access resources and communicate with one another.

Leadership Development


Participate in LeadCon - Student Organization Leadership Conference

LeadCon registration can be found on TitanLinkOpens in new window

Planning and Preparation

Receive advisement on special events and activities

Program Participation

  • Participate in DiscoverfestOpens in new window , CSUF's largest 2-day involvement fair for student organizations
  • Participate in Tuffy AwardsOpens in new window , CSUF's annual student organization recognition ceremony