Join a Student Organization

TitanLinkOpens in new window enables students to connect and get involved on campus. 

Clubs and organizations can utilize TitanLinkOpens in new window to promote their efforts through events, marketing, and collaboration tools.

Students can learn about events happening on campus, view the Student Organization Directory, track their involvement, and define their Titan Experience.

involvement begins here Opens in new window Access TitanLink through the Campus Portal or visit TitanLinkOpens in new window .

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clubs/student organizations are there at CSUF?


With a diverse student body, there are hundreds of student organizations to explore. From cultural groups to academic clubs, community service groups, recreation and everything in between, find one that suits your interests on TitanLinkOpens in new window .


Is there a cost to join a student organization on campus?

Student organizations can assess membership fees. However, not all of them do. It's best to contact the organization and ask what their membership process is like. 


How do I contact a student organization?

All recognized student groups have a page on TitanLink Opens in new window and can be contacted directly.

What are the requirements to join a student organization?

All student organizations are open to all registered CSUF Students. Additional requirements may vary. Contact the student organization on TitanLinkOpens in new window to find about about their membership process.

How do you get involved on campus if you're a commuter?

Many student organizations work around their members schedules or have opportunities to engage virtually. Involved students often optimize the time they are on campus, meeting with up with club members during their breaks or in the evening.


How do I join a sorority or fraternity?

All social sororities or fraternities on campus are a part of one of the four councilsOpens in new window . More information about the recruitment process for each council is available on our websiteOpens in new window .

Do you have to have experience to play on a sports club?

Each sports club operates differently. Some groups do not require experience to play, others have a competitive tryout process. More information about joining a sports club can be found on our websiteOpens in new window .