service hours

Looking to log your service hours? Follow the steps and you will be able to track your service hours and see them on your Titan Pride Record!

How to track your service hours.


Why log service hours?

  •  Logging hours in TitanLink ensures your service hours can be verified by CSUF for graduate or professional school and/or job searches.
  • Logged service hours can be found in one convenient place: your Titan Pride Record!
  • Service hours help your student organization win Tuffy’s Awards.
  • Accurate tracking of service hours is tied to benefits like grants and funding that will create more opportunities and financial aid for CSUF students.

What counts as service?

  • Service hours  are earned for time spent volunteering, or the giving of time and energy, that benefits a community other than your own.
    • Some examples of approvable hours are:
      • Serving food at a shelter
      • Watching children unrelated to you at your church daycare
      • Blood Drive donations
      • Beach clean up
      • Internship hours (unpaid)
    • What does not qualify as volunteering?
      •  Donating money or items will not earn service hours. Your organization can track philanthropic dollars through other means but not through service hours. 
      • Fundraising for your club. You, as a member of your club, benefit from this. However, if you are fundraising and 100% of the proceeds to a charitable organization, we will approve the time spent as service hours.