Service Leadership Program:

Community Service Programs' Project Directors

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2019 - 2020  Community Service Programs Project Directors : Alora Walker, Gagana Sringeri, Lesley Aguirre, Stacy Taing, Amy Kubo, Maggie Seto, Frida Mendez-Arce, Alma Arana Garcia, Monica Vargas Escamilla 


Service Leadership Programs' Project Director Info

The Service Leadership Program is an opportunity for students to become involved in community service and develop leadership skills as Project Directors.

Students who become Project Directors lead or co-lead an ongoing service project. The experiences and leadership skills gained by a Project Director are useful through their Titan Experience and beyond.
Project Directors facilitate bi-monthly service projects, plan activities, and coordinate the student volunteers. To aid in the planning of service projects, Project Directors complete at least two office hours a week and attend bi-monthly staff meetings. Project Directors can lead an established service project or help to establish a new ongoing service project.

Get Involved

 Interested in becoming a Project Director? The application for the 2020-2021 Service Leadership Program  is now available through TitanLinkOpens in new window . You must be signed in with your CSUF username and password to access the form. 

If you have any questions about becoming a Project Director, please contact Heidi Elmer at


Hi y’all my name is Monica Vargas and I am a 3rd year Liberal Studies Student with an emphasis on Elementary Education. I am also a Project Director for Community Service Programs for the project Tuffy’s Friends. My favorite part of being a project director is that I get to spend a few hours a week to plan an event for students with special needs that will help them nurture bonds not only with their friends but also with the student volunteers at Cal State Fullerton. To me getting to be a part of something so special is important because I get to see their smiles and hear the appreciation from both the friends and the volunteers when the event is over. Being a part of this program is one of the most rewarding activities I have ever taken part in. It has also given me an amazing group of friends and a support system that keeps me growing every day and who I am very thankful for.

-Monica Vargas-Escamilla

I have found my place as Titan through my position as a Project Director. I have been able to not only grow as a leader but as a person. Before taking on this position, I was afraid to take on any task outside of my comfort zone. While I do not think I am now suddenly an outgoing person, I do feel competent in taking on the unknown. It is the best feeling to know that I am able to help my community while still reaping interpersonal benefits. From striving for excellence to being able to receive feedback, being a project director has equipped me with skills that can apply to all aspects of my life. This constant process of improvement is the mindset I carry to my projects and what allows our volunteers to get as equally motivated. This persuades them to come back project after project to the point where we now have a community more than just a project. This community transcends just the events and is something that is followed throughout our office. You can feel it as soon as you walk in and everyone greets you with a smile. Being a project director goes beyond a bullet point on my resume. It has become something so integral in my Titan experience that I can't imagine these past two years without it. 

-Frida Mendez-Arce