To sign up for a volunteer project please RSVP on the Community Service Programs Student Association's TitanLink events page.Opens in new window You must be signed into TitanLink to view our opportunities. 


How to volunteer:

How to volunteer: 1. Go to 2. Sign in using your CSUF username and password. 3. Search for Community Service Programs. 4. Click view all events. 5. RSVP to the event you want to volunteer for. 6. Receive confirmation from a project director. 7. Come to the event. 8. Log your service hours on TitanLink..

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering for community service has many great benefits:

  1. You can assist a communtiy who needs it. 
  2. Service is a great resume builder.
  3. You can network and build relationships while doing service.
  4. You can learn new skills.
  5. Doing servince and logging service hours can make you and your students orgs eligiable for Tuffy Awards!


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