Coaches Hiring Process

Sports Clubs at CSUF are student-run organizations, which means students involved with the Sports Clubs are responsible for the development, planning, and overall management of the club. The student athletes will work with the Office of Student Life & Leadership to hire, train, and maintain their relationships with their coach(es). The Office of Student Life & Leadership, mainly the Sports Clubs Coordinator, will work with coach(es) to make certain they complete required protocols with the CSUF.  

Sports Clubs may choose to hire one or more coaches to oversee the competitive operations and facilitate practices for the club. Each club may determine for itself how much influence the coach(es) may have on its operations; however, all decisions are made by the club members and not the coaches. It is important that all coaches within Sports Clubs understand that all official club business (including venue requests, questions regarding the club and its operations, policies, club status, etc.) should be communicated via the Sport Club leadership.

Hiring Procedures

Once a Sports Club has selected a potential coach, Sports Club leaders meet with the Sports Clubs Coordinator regarding the potential hire. The Sports Club must provide the following information to the Coordinator:

  • Coach’s full name
  • Coach’s phone number
  • Coach’s email address
  • Coach’s mailing address
  • Duration of the coach’s contract
  • Amount of payment (if applicable)
  • Payment schedule (if applicable)
  • Any additional stipulations for the contract

Please note that there will be a termination clause in every contract.

Then, the Coordinator will prepare the University contract and meet with the potential coach to sign contract. In addition, the coach will need to attend and Orientation and Introduction Session sponsored by the Office of Student Life & Leadership.

Within two weeks of signing contract, a coach must submit the following documents:

  • CPR/First Aid Certification
  • Proof of personal health insurance and general liability coverage
  • Background Check filed with CSUF University Police
  • Sexual Harassment Training Certification

Responsibilities for a Coach

  • Coach understands that they will maintain regular communication with the Sports Clubs Coordinator and attend mandatory meetings.
  • Coach agrees that they will allow the student leaders to serve as the primary liaisons between the Sports Club and the University as well as any external parties (e.g. opponents, league officials, governing bodies). The students will manage the Sport Club’s administrative functions, which may include but are not limited budget development and monitoring; scheduling and overseeing meetings; allocating/spending funds and applying for funding.
  • Coach agrees to be responsible for supervising practices, attending games, and creating a healthy competitive environment according to policies and procedures stipulated by the Sports Club and the University. Coach agrees to establish practice times/schedules in conjunction with the Sports Club’s elected leaders.
  • Coach agrees to educate members concerning measures to minimize the risk of potential injuries and steps to take in the event of an emergency.
  • Coach agrees to inspect that the facilities and equipment used by the Sports Club and that they are compliant with safety standards set by the University and Sports Club. If Coach determines that the facilities and/or equipment are potentially unsafe or not compliant, they will inform student leaders and not allow the students to use them.
  • Coach agrees to be present for all official practices and competitions as agreed upon in advance by Coach and the Sport Club leaders. Coach will notify the Sport Club leaders if they are unable to attend a practice or game. Coach agrees to promote fair play and good sportsmanship at all Sport Club practices and competitions. Coach also agrees to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times that will reflect positively upon the Sports Clubs and CSUF.

Coach agrees to report any disciplinary problems to the Office of Student Life & Leadership within 24 hours of the incident. Coach also agrees to complete or assign someone to complete a Student Injury Report form for any incident or accident that occurs during a Sports Club practice, competition or trip. Coach should submit this form to the Office of Student Life & Leadership within 24 hours of the incident.