Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Sports Clubs and Student Recreation Center Intramurals?

Sports Clubs teams are often informally called the happy medium between collegiate NCAA athletics and intramurals. Our teams are competitive as most teams are part of a national league; our teams often qualify for regional and national championships. Clubs compete against other university club teams throughout the academic year. Each team is categorized as a student-run organization or club on campus, so the opportunity to develop yourself as a leader is also a unique feature. Team practices, meetings, competitions and fundraisers are led by club officers and club members. 


Intramurals is housed under the Student Recreation Center.Opens in new window

What is the difference between Sports Clubs and the varsity athletic program?

Club Sports teams are student run organizations. Therefore, all operational components are handled through the student club officers/participants. Sports Clubs teams are competitive and are primarily self-funded by club fundraisers and membership dues. Clubs compete against other university club teams throughout the academic year. Varsity athletic sports are housed in the Athletic Department and compete in NCAA competition while receiving state funds.

What’s the Sports Club Inter-Club Council (SC-ICC)?

The Sports Club Inter club council (SC-ICC) serves as the governing structure for all sports clubs at CSUF. The council is comprised of representatives from each of the sports clubs on campus. The Sports Clubs also serve the community in volunteer events working closely with the Special Olympics and other organizations. Sports Clubs offer an array of unique opportunities and various leadership positions which can better prepare students for future goals. These teams also serve as excellent networking vehicle for students and alumni.

Are there fees associated with participating in sports clubs with Student Life & Leadership?

  Yes. There is a participation fee of $45 per student per semester. Each sports clubs team may decide to incorporate additional player fees or dues to account for yearly expenses. Student Life & Leadership does not oversee each team's additional fees or dues.


The Student Life & Leadership $45 student participation fee pays for...

  • Do Sports Easy registration system
  • any facility fees associated with sport club activities
  • health and wellness trainings (in compliance with CSU chancellor mandates)
  • part-time staff for the sport club area
  • leadership development for sport club leaders

Do these clubs have try-outs?

Most clubs do host tryouts but we also have a number of teams who are open for anyone to join. Please contact the Sports Club President via TitanLink for information about try-outs.

How do I start a Club Sports team?

Schedule a meeting with the Sports Clubs Coordinator within Student Life & Leadership to discuss your interest. You can email studentlife or call (657) 278-7622. (Sports Clubs teams are only officially recognized in the fall semester of each academic year).

Who do you play?

Club Sports teams participate in a number of leagues and are members of various associations that operate under the direction of each respective sport’s national governing body. CSUF competes against other recognized intercollegiate club sports programs. Such teams include: USC, UCLA, UNLV, UCI, UCSD, SDSU, Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona, Concordia, Whittier, Pepperdine, Arizona, Occidental, Biola, Channel Islands, San Jose State, University of Pacific, and many more. In addition, many of our club sport teams travel throughout the region and nationally to compete. In the past our teams traveled to: Orlando, Fl; Milwaukee, WI; Denver, CO; Reno, NV; Las Vegas NV; Lexington, KY to name a few.

How do I sign-up?

Information on any Sports Clubs teams can be obtained by going to the club teams’ pages on TitanLink and contacting the President directly. Also see the Join page for the requirements and procedures needed to join Sports Clubs.