To join a Sport Club, please follow the procedures below.

 Step 1: Contact the Sport Club president to find out information about their practices, information sessions, tryouts, and associated costs. A few Sports Clubs will have tryouts and some will not. You can contact them through TitanLinkOpens in new window , our online student organization portal.

 If a Sport Club has a tryout, then you must complete the Sports Clubs Tryout WaiverOpens in new window * to be able to participate. You can complete the waiver at the try-out or before. The waiver must be given the Sport Club president or member in charge the day of the tryout.

Students are able to try-out for a team for two practices and may not participate in any further practices or competitions until granted “active status” on the club’s roster. Below are reasons why you would need to complete a Sports Clubs Tryout WaiverOpens in new window *.

  • You have never played a sport before and want to try it before you commit to joining the team.
  • You are interested in several different sports clubs and are not sure which you would like to join.
  • You were invited to practice and are interested in joining the team, but need more information.

*You cannot tryout without filling out the waiver.

If you attend a Sport Club's tryout, please contact/stay in touch with the Sport Club president to find out if you have made the team. If you have made the team, follow the registration steps below.


To gain “active status” within the Sports Club, then please complete the following.

Step 2: Once you have decided to join a team, please complete the following requirements:


Step 3:  Please allow at least 5-7 business days for processing your “active status.” Remember, “active status” means you are committing to become a member of the Sports Club.

  • How do you check if you have active status?
    • Log into TitanlinkOpens in new window and go to the Sport Club's page.
    • Click on "Roster" and if your name appears as an Active Sports Clubs Member, then you have active status. If you are unable to view this, please contact the Sport Club president.