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The Office of Student Life & Leadership, in partnership with Associated Students, Inc.,  co-sponsors Discoverfest (formerly known as Days of Discovery) at the beginning of every Fall and Spring Semester. This 2-day takes place during the second week of each semester. It is CSUF's largest involvement event for student organizations. Discoverfest is an opportunity for all clubs/organizations to showcase student life at CSUF. It is also an event for students to learn about engagement opportunities on campus.

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Discoverfest History

In 1996, the Dean of Students Office in collaboration with New Student Programs started a new program called Clubfest for students, staff, and faculty at California State University, Fullerton.  Clubfest promoted student involvement on campus and introduced students to the 200+ student organizations on campus.

Over the years, the program grew to become a 2-day event and changed its name to Discoverfest. Additional partners, such as the Associated Students, Inc. joined to provide financial support to grow the event and make registration for student organizations free.

In 2014, Student Life & Leadership coordinated Discoverfest in partnership with Associated Students, Inc. and called the 3-day event, "Days of Discovery."

Today, Discoverfest has returned to a 2-day event.  It is sponsored by Student Life & Leadership, in partnership with Associated Students, Inc. and serves as the official involvement fair for 350+ student organizations.