Benefits of TRIO Student Support Services

Your success is our goal in TRIO SSS! As a program participant you have a place on campus to always feel welcomed and comfortable asking questions, voicing your struggles and celebrate your accomplishments.
The entire TRIO SSS staff is committed to guiding participants through a path of academic achievement, persistence, retention and graduation from CSUF. Program services are all offered to directly increase the academic, social and personal growth of each TRIO SSS participant.

Academic Advisement

Each TRIO SSS participant is assigned a TRIO SSS academic counselor. Each individualized TRIO SSS counseling session ensures that their academic plan is updated and followed.  Your TRIO SSS counselor challenges you to clarify your goals and then helps you set action plans into place to accomplish your goals. It is also a requirement that TRIO SSS students meet with their academic counselor at least THREE times a semester (beg, mid, end). 

Laptop Loan

A limited number of  new Macbook Pros, graphing and business calculators are available to TRIO SSS students for loan each semester.

Office Computer & Printer

A desktop computer & limited free printing is available for TRIO SSS student use in the TRIO SSS main office.


Whether your goals are planning a career or are pursuing a graduate degree, we can assist with the preparation and application process. Students can also take advantage of conferences, workshops and tours of graduate and professional schools. 

WORKSHOPS, EVENTS, AND professional development COURSES

TRIO SSS will keep an updated calendar of all the appropriate workshops, conferences and events on campus on this website for all student reference. Active TRIO SSS participants will have opportunities to attend available conferences for professional development and networking opportunities.  

SSS Grant Aid

To lessen the financial burden of attending CSUF while increasing the academic success of TRIO SSS participants -- the TRIO SSS Grant is awarded to active TRIO SSS participants who are Pell Grant recipients, meet additional financial need and academic criteria, and are incoming freshmen and sophmore students that are coming from high school. The grant aid is not available for transfer students.