SSS Students Abroad

SSS Student Studying Abroad

Amelia Campoa

B.S. Human Services

Minor Public Aministration

Study Abroad Country: Spain

I had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Human Services Study Abroad Program during the summer of 2017. The program took place in Barcelona with the Institute for American Universities. I immersed into the culture by residing with a very welcoming Spaniard family. This particular study abroad program’s intention is to allow students to complete their internship course in a different country. I was paired up with Fundacion FICAT working with refugees from Afghanistan to assist in their transition to a different country. My classmates and I taught basic English vocabulary and went on social outings with the students. I also visited other countries throughout my stay in Spain, including: France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Overall, studying abroad was one of the most amazing experiences while attending Cal State Fullerton. As a low income, first generation student, I never thought studying abroad would ever be an attainable goal. However, with hard work, determination, support from SSS, and A L​​​​OT of research, I was able to have this wonderful life changing experience!

SSS Student studying abroad

Valeria Jimenez

Junior, Sociology Major

Study Abroad: Paris, France

"IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I encourage every student to take the risk and do it. I was able to see a new world other than my own. I learned about new cultures, tried new foods and shared unforgettable experiences. You meet amazing individuals that you will definitely be friends with when you come back to CSUF. You will then catch yourself daydreaming during a lecture of the day you get to go back.