Titans Deserve Better

The Student Success Initiative, authorized by Chancellor White in Spring 2014, presents an exciting opportunity to enrich Cal State Fullerton students' experiences and enhance their success. It rallies the power of Titan Pride in helping to create the University we want to be.

The Student Success Fee empowers the University to be bold, and make substantive improvements through a multi-faceted student fee that:

  • Strengthens academic advising
  • Improves course availability
  • Expands library hours and improves the library technology environment
  • Upgrades athletics facilities and provides additional scholarship support for students
  • Increases support for learning communities, internships, the Career Center, supplemental instruction, and service-learning
  • Upgrades classrooms and provides instructional software
  • Expands and modernizes student spaces such as the student union and a one-stop student services center
  • Strengthens cultural centers, veterans services, and Disability Support Services
  • Provides upgraded technology by expanding Wi-Fi coverage and provides a new 24/7 IT help desk for students

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