9 of IX: CSUF Title IX and Gender Equity's Commitment To Our Community

Title IX and Gender Equity empowers members of the CSUF community to understand and act on their rights and options for identifying, addressing, and preventing alleged misconduct on the basis of sex, gender, and sexual orientation. We commit to:


Providing accurate information about options to empower individuals to make informed choices.


Upholding individual rights and a ording dignity and respect through non-judgmental listening.


Using a person-centered approach to acknowledge how individuals’ multiple identities and backgrounds impact their lived experiences.


Centering individuals’ needs when providing tailored Supportive Measures to enhance safety and well-being.


Serving as a reliable resource by communicating clearly and applying CSU policies consistently.


Using best practices to provide equitable and impartial processes for all involved parties.


Engaging with campus and community partners to provide outreach, training, resources, and prevention education programs.


Acting with diligence to administer prompt and equitable processes that the University community can trust.


Leading a commitment to a safer campus environment through personal and community accountability.

Through this commitment, we seek community-wide solutions to gender-based violence and inequities that are informed by an understanding that intersecting forms of systemic oppression present unique challenges for affected individuals and populations.