Reporting Process

The Title IX and Gender Equity Office takes all reports seriously and will review every report received.  Immediately following an act/action/incident that falls under prohibited conduct set forth in Executive Order 1096 or 1097 or as soon as possible thereafter, complainants who believe they are or may have been victims of Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, Sexual Misconduct, Dating or Domestic Violence or Stalking, may submit a report.  All incidents should be reported even if a significant amount of time has passed. However, delaying a report or complaint may impede the ability to conduct an investigation or take appropriate remedial actions.


Timelines vary depending on the nature of the report, whether or not a Formal Complaint is filed and the process identified as appropriate for the report or Formal Complaint.  Please refer to Executive Orders 1096 and 1097 for additional information regarding timelines.