Name Changes and Pronouns

Name changes For Students

Students may use the campus portal to set a "preferred first name" online. "Preferred first names" can be updated  at any time and changes will be reflected in University systems that support them within 24 hours. Examples of such systems include: class rosters, Canvas, and PeopleSoft. Email addresses may also be changed but require additional processing time through a HelpDesk ticket.

Click here for more information about "preferred first names" for students.

Legal names will continue to be used for certain University records, documents, and business processes where the use of a legal name is required by law or University policy. A few examples include financial aid documents, diplomas, and Titan Card (which is considered a legal form of identification). 

Pronouns for Students

Students can use the campus portal to set pronouns online. You will be asked to list your pronouns in sections categorized as: Subjective, Objective, and Possessive. If you use one set of pronouns you can list each pronoun accordingly. For example, if you use “he” pronouns you would input “he” as the subjective, “him” as the objective, and “his” as the possessive. If you use multiple pronouns then the subject, object, and possessive categories can be disregarded and you can list your pronouns in the order that best suits you. For example, if you use both “she” pronouns and “they” pronouns, you can list “she” as the subjective and “they” as the objective, and leave the possessive blank. Additionally, if you use multiple pronouns and have more preference for one pronoun over others, we encourage you list that pronoun first in the subjective category. Pronouns can be updated at any time and changes will be reflected in university systems that support pronouns within 24 hours. Examples of such systems include class rosters, Canvas, and PeopleSoft.

Name changes For Employees 

It is possible to have certain CSUF employee identification reflect an employee's requested name change (i.e. email, campus directory, business cards, name badge, etc.).  Employees should work with their supervisor/manager to make these changes.  An employee's name and pronouns should be honored among colleagues and are important to fostering an inclusive environment.

All employees are required to use their legal name as listed in their official documents presented to HRDI at the start of employment. If an employee wants to change their legal name with the CSUF system, they can bring official documentation to the Payroll office located in CP-700. 

Pronouns for employees

Faculty and staff may enter their pronouns which will then appear in certain areas of Canvas.  Go to the Faculty / Staff Pronouns GuideOpens in new window for more information on this.