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About Us
Academic Advisement Center

"Our mission is to work in a collaborative partnership with students, a shared responsibility, where the advisor and student are equally invested in the educational process and holistic development of the student"

The department of Academic Advisement promotes student learning and development by -

  • Providing students accurate and consistent advisement each time they visit the Academic Advisement Center
  • Collaborating with partners campus-wide to encourage an integrated education where General Education, Major Requirements, Electives, and Internships are viewed as seamless rather than separate entities of the degree
  • Creating an environment where students and advisors can share in the responsibility – Advisors provide the information necessary for students to obtain a timely degree, while students are empowered to make decisions based on their individual academic goals
  • Recognizing the academic challenges related to transition into the University, and providing specific programs to promote student academic success
  • Consistently assessing and evaluating current programs through the measurement of student learning objectives and making changes accordingly
  • Ensuring constant access to advisement is achieved through the implementation of the latest trends within technology
  • Cultivating a sustainable campus wide network of faculty, Associate Deans, and staff aimed to identify student academic challenges and create solutions that facilitate graduation and enhance the California State University, Fullerton experience

Student Learning Objectives
Upon participating in an academic advisement experience, students will be able to -

  1. Clearly interpret the TDA
  2. Effectively use the TDA to track degree progress
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of CSUF graduation requirements
  4. Articulate the General Education requirements and curriculum
  5. Apply the knowledge and make informed decisions about their course choices based on individual interests and personal growth potential
  6. Actively initiate the appropriate steps required for graduation – Degree Checkout
  7. Critically review the TDA to ensure accuracy and effectively take action when needed
  8. Confidently develop a clear plan for graduation and become empowered to take ownership of their education

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