Page Layouts

  1. Find the layout style from the example gallery and look for the layout class T3_xxx or T4_xxx.
  2. In the page properties scroll down to CSS OPTIONS.
  3. Enter the class in the Layout Class field.
  4. Save your changes.

Page Layouts with CSS box highlighted

Layouts do not move content from editable zones even thought zones may change location from layout to layout.  You will need to manaully move content in the editable zones if you choose a new layout and are not happy with content placement.  If you change to a layout with less sections than you previously had,  the content will be hidden for unused sections and not deleted.

Layout Image Show Colored Boxes In Some Layouts

You may notice that in the T4_xxx layouts that some boxes are colored.  These colors indicate that the boxes are structured to stay connected when in responsive design and not any color that will be embeded on the page.  These are useful when you want to have pages of varied content types but structurally need them to be laid out with a specific deisgn in mind. 

In a regular T3_xxx layout they will respond from left to right, top to bottom.

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