Left Navigation

While your site may have top navigation that leads users to main content areas of your site we use the left navigation to help users find more information on that topic.  Websites should use folders to organize data and each one of these folders can have a single left navigation file.  

The left navigation will automatically appear on each page, on the left side of the screen at the top of the main content space, when the menu has been enabled.  

Edits to this file will appear on each page using it as soon as the navigation page is published.  There is no need to republish every page in your folder.

Standard Navigation

The basic left menu with a simple list of links that you create.  There is a seperation bar between each link.  You can use headers or even images in this section if you'd like.

Collasping Navigation

Do you need to have sections of your left navigation expand and contract?  The collapsing navigation will provide you with a "+" or "-" symbol that will expand to show you additional links.  This style uses nested UL/LI to keep links related to the main navigation point.  This is limited to one level of collapsing sections per main link.

Flyout Navigation

Similar to the extended navigation that appears on the primary tabs, the flyout navigation will extend the left menu choice into a new extended content zone that flys out from the left menu.  You can have all kinds of content that will appear in this zone including a background image you can use to provide extra styling.

Left Menus on your webpages

If you want to turn left menus on and off you can do it from the page properties. Menu formats are determined by the left menu and should be changed there.  Each webpage only allows you to turn on and off the menu.  All menu changes should happen within the _navigation.pcf file.

Vertical Navigation Options: Allows you to hide or show the left sidebar.  

In previous templates you were able to move it to the right sidebar but that feature is no longer supported.

Chose different nav: This feature has been discontinuted and is no longer supported.

page properties for left menu display