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Important Information For Academic Success At CSUF

  1. Drop classes within the appropriate time frame

    Classes must be dropped within the appropriate time frame. Students can drop a class via TITAN Online within the first 2 weeks of classes. Authorization to withdraw after the 2nd week of classes requires the instructor's and department's signatures. For more information on drop policies and a list of important dates and deadlines for the current semester, click here

  2. Grade Forgiveness-repetition of course policy effective August 1, 2009

    Grade Forgiveness can be used on a course for which a grade of "C-" (1.7) or lower was earned. Under "Grade Forgiveness" an adjustment is made to the GPA calculation to remove the effect of the initial grade and include only the repeated grade. Both grades remain listed on the academic record..

    Using Grade Forgiveness, CSUF students - 

    - Can only repeat a class for which a C- or lower is earned
    - Must repeat the same class here at CSUF
    - Are limited to a maximum of 16 units of Grade Forgiveness
    - Must complete the Adjustment Inquiry Form in Admissions (Langsdorf Hall - LH 114) to apply Grade Forgiveness
    - Should evaluate their potential to earn a passing grade in the course before repeating it

    For more details on the Undergraduate Repeat Policy (including Grade Forgiveness), Click Here and consult an Academic Advisor.
  3. Withdrawal Policy - effective August 1, 2009

    Students are limited to a maximum of 18 semester units of W. Students will be able to monitor this via the student self-service center. Specific types of withdrawals will be exempt from the 18 unit maximum. Please visit the Admissions and Records website for more information.

  4. Remain in Good Academic Standing

    An undergraduate student is placed on academic probation when his/her Cumulative or CSUF GPA falls below 2.0 (a "C" average).á It is important for transfer students to monitor their CSUF GPA closely.

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