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Places to Print your TDA !

Name Location
Titan Lab PLN - 030
ILC PLN 1st floor
ILC2 Self-Service Lab PLN 2nd floor
Oasis South Self Service Lab PLS 1st floor
PLS2 Bridge Computer Lab PLS 2nd floor
McCarthy Commons MH - 047
Mainframe TSU - 129
Career Center LH - 208
Multiculture Leadership Center TSU - 234
Computer Science Lab CS - 200
Student Access Center H - 112

Purchasing Credit for your Titan Card

Purchasing Credit for your Titan Card

In order to print on campus you must have a Titan Card. You also need to purchase money for your Titan Card. The following steps will help you print your TDA

  1. If you do not have a Titan Card, you can purchase one at Pollack Library on the First Floor
  2. Find a computer and log in to your student portal. Click on the "Titan Card" tab to puchase a minimum 2$ or more. Refresh the browser after you've submitted payment to show the change of $0.00 to $2.00 or the amount you purchased. OR visit the Titan Card machine on the first floor of the north side of the Pollack Library and purchase a minimum of $1.00 for your Titan Card. (Cash Only)
  3. Follow the directions on the front side of this sheet to print a current copy of your Titan Degree Audit.

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