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Major Card Sort

Welcome to your first step in major exploration.  Cal State Fullerton has over 50 undergraduate majors and minors to choose from.  This online major card sort activity is designed to assist you in narrowing down your majors of interest and to give you a place to start your major research. 


  1. Read each card carefully and determine level of interest in each major.
  1. After level of interest has been determined click on the pull down option and choose “high interest”, “some interest”, or “no interest” located at the bottom of the card. 
  1. After you have put in your ranking click next to go onto the next card description.
  1. When you are finished with the card sort activity view your results and fill in the worksheet.  Make sure to fill in CWID and email, if taking for course credit.
  1. Print your results and click submit.

Start Card Sort
Select one of the College from above

College of Arts Mihaylo College of Business and Economics College of Communication
Art Business School Communication
College of Humanities and Social Sciences College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics College of Health and Human Developement
College of Engineering and Computer Science

What do I do with my results?

After you have completed the major card sort your research can begin.  Listed below are a few suggested places to start.

  • Research your top 5 majors by visiting their department web pages
  • Find out what careers are associated with your top 5 majors.
  • Visit the Academic Advisement Center and bring your printed major card sort results.  Ask to speak with Josh Loudon, Coordinator of Undeclared Programs (UH-124)
  • Visit the Career Development Center  (LH 208) to speak with a career exploration specialist to research majors and careers.  You can also take an assessment to help you identify careers and majors that are right for you
  • Speak with professors/advisors from each of your top 5 majors to get a sense of what that major is about and what type of coursework.
  • Open the catalog.  Turn to each of your top 5 major sections.  Skip the first few pages of each major section and flip to the course descriptions.  Randomly read four to five course descriptions.  What types of feelings to you get?  Do you want to take those courses?  Do the course topics and descriptions interest you?  If NOT then that major is NOT for you. This is one of the best ways to find the right major 
  • Speak with friends and family about your top 5 majors

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