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Click Here for Video Tutorial of Major Declaration

Step 1 (The Form)

  • Obtain the "Undergraduate Change of Academic Objective" form in UH-124 or at Admissions and Records (LH-114) and fill out the top section with your student information
  • Locate your new major department. Use the CSUF online catalog and click on "degree listing" for information about your new major department and undergraduate degree requirements

Form Part 1

Step 2 (Two Signatures)

  • At your new major department obtain the (ADD) major department signature in section A of the "Undergraduate Change of Academic Objective" form

    Section A

    *If you are declaring a concentration as well then you will also complete Section C
  • Make an appointment online to obtain the (DROP) Undeclared signature for section A
    To attend the appointment, bring a printed copy of your "what-if" TDA for your new major and your "Undergraduate Change of Academic Objective" form to UH-123B
    *The appointments are only for undeclared students declaring a major for the first time.

Step 3 (Submit the Form)

  • Submit the form at Admissions and Records(LH-114)
  • It is that simple! Visit your major department regularly for advising on major requirements

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