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Major/Career Interest Game

party table

This game is designed to assist you with matching your interests and skills with similar majors and careers.

The game will also provide you with a list of Cal State Fullerton majors, student organizations you may be interested in joining and related hobbies.

Above is an aerial view of a room in which a two-day party is taking place. At this party, people with the same or similar interests have (for some reason) all gathered in the same corner of the room. It is a six-sided room, and all six corners are filled with babbling people. What they are babbling about is made clear by each corner.
Now the question is:

  • Which corner of the room would you instinctively be drawn to?
  • Which group of people would you most enjoy being with for the longest time? (Leave aside any question of shyness or whether you would have to talk with them.)
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