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Majors & Minors

Undergraduate Majors

The minimum number of semester units necessary for a bachelor's degree, including courses for the major, general education, all university requirements and free electives, exclusive of remedial courses (i.e., courses numbered 0-99), is as follows:

Total Unit Requirements -

For the Bachelor of Arts Degree 120
For the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree 132
For the Bachelor of Science Degree 120 - 139
For the Bachelor of Music Degree 132

General Education -
A minimum 51 semester units are needed to complete CSUF's general education requirements.

Major -
The unit requirement in a major varies substantially from major to major. Refer to the Department listings for the specific for the specific requirements of any particular major.

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Undergraduate Minors

A minor is a means by which students can enrich their academic preparation through concentrated study of a discipline related to, or different from, their declared major. A minor provides a structured selection of courses to augment or complement the student's major by broadening a student's academic experience or serving as preparation for a specific career.

A minor is not required for the baccalaureate; however, students may elect to complete one or more minors from those available and have that noted on their transcripts (Only one minor is noted the diploma). Most minors are 18-24 units of course requirements.

In completing the requirements for a minor, a minimum of twelve (12) units, of which at least six (6) must be upper division, must be distinct and different from the units used to complete the requirements of the major. Any units above this minimum requirement which can be used to satisfy both the requirements for the minor and for the major may be double counted. General education courses, however, may be used to meet minor requirements, not to exceed nine (9) units.

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