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Upper Division General Education Requirements

Upper Division General Education Requirements

All students (including transfers) must complete 9 units of upper division GE from the Approved list of GE Courses. Upper Division Courses are available in the following GE Categories:
  • Implications and Explorations in Natural Sciences and Mathematics (B5)
  • Explorations in the Arts and Humanities (C3)
  • Explorations in the Social Science (D5)
  • Lifelong Learning (E)
  • Cultural Diversity (Z)

Although all students must meet graduation requirements, students are unique as to how they meet these requirements and design their own education. For example, you may already have earned credit for your Cultural Diversity requirement from your transfer classes.  Please consult your Titan Degree Audit (TDA) for more information on your upper division GE coursework.

For a complete list of approved GE courses, including upper division courses, visit our Approved GE Course List on this website.

Upper Division Graduation Requirements

Upper Division General Education (GE) Requirement

Upper Division Baccalaureate Writing Requirement:

The university requires that all students completing bachelor's degrees demonstrate writing ability acceptable for graduation. The upper division writing requirement has two parts and each must be fulfilled in order to earn the degree

Upper Division Writing Course

Each major at CSU Fullerton has designated one or more courses to satisfy the upper division writing requirement for the baccalaureate degree. Talk to your major advisor about the class you should take.

*Note - As May 25, 2012 The EWP is no longer as graduate requirement for undergraduate student.

Grad Check

Students apply for Grad Check on their Student Portal under "Student Center." 
For more information on Grad Check, visit the Admission and Records Website.

Remediation Requirements

Remediation courses are not college level and do not count toward the degree.

The freshman "year" is defined as the fall and spring term and does not include the summer following the spring term. If a student fails to complete the remedial coursework in the freshman year, the student will not be allowed to register for classes until the remedial work and/or the college level composition or math course is completed. Please refer to the ILE Website for further clarification. First-time freshmen who must take either remedial English or mathematics courses must complete their remedial work in the freshman year.

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