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Upper Division GE Pathway Courses

B.5 Implications and Explorations in Mathematics and Natural Sciences:

  • ANTH 322 Human Behavioral Ecology
  • GEOG 328 Global Change and Environmental Systems
  • GEOG 329 Cities and Nature

C.3 Explorations in the Arts and Humanities:

  • PHIL 313 Environmental Ethics

D.5 Explorations in the Social Sciences:

  • ANTH 310* Urban Anthropology
  • ASAM 300* Introduction to Asian Pacific American Studies
  • ASAM 342* Asian Pacific American Families
  • ASAM 362A* Filipina/o American Experience
  • CHIC 303* Chicano/Mexican Cultures
  • LBST 310* The California Experience
  • GEOG 332* United States and Canada
  • GEOG 333* Latin America
  • GEOG 340* Asia
  • GEOG 342* The Middle East
  • GEOG 345* China
  • GEOG 350 Nature and Society
  • POSC 322 Leadership for Public Service
  • SOCI 352 The Sociology of Education
  • SOCI 355 Women in Contemporary Societies
  • SOCI 361 Population and the Environment
  • SOCI 371 Sociology of City Life

E. Lifelong Learning and Self-Development:

  • ANTH 315* Culture and Nutrition
  • * Satisfies cultural diversity requirement- category Z

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