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GE Plan

General Education Realignment Conversion Table

Students who have final evaluations, worksheets or a Titan Degree Audit for GE Categories I-V should refer to the following chart to find corresponding lists of courses that satisfy GE requirements.

Former Category
(Fall 1999 - Spring 2011)
  New Category
(Fall 2011 or later)
  Area A : Core Competencies 9 Units
IA Oral Communication A. 1
IB Written Communication A. 2
IC Critical Thinking A. 3
  Area B : Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning 12 Units
IIIA2a & b Physical Science B. 1
IIIA2c Life Science B. 2
IIIA Laboratory Experience B. 3
IIIA1 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning B. 4
IIIA3 Implications and Exploration in Mathematics & Natural Science B.5
  Area C : Arts and Humanities 12 Units
IIIB1 Introduction to Arts C. 1
IIIB2 Introduction to the Humanities C. 2
IIIB3 Exploration in the Arts and Humanities C. 3
IIIA3 Originals of the World Civilization C. 4
  Area D : Social Science 15 Units
IIIC1 Introduction to Social Science D. 1
IIA World Civilization and Cultures D. 2
IIB1 American History, Institutions and Values D. 3
IIB2 American Government D. 4
IIIC2 Exploration in Social Science D. 5
  Area E : Lifelong Learning and Self Development 3 Units
IV Lifelong Learning and Self-Development E
  Area Z : Cultural (3 Units Required)  
V* Cultural Diversity
(Courses are marked with an *)
Total   51 Units

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