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Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

  1. What are the basic transfer requirements for Cal State Fullerton?

    For information on transfer requirements, visit the Explore Cal State Fullerton website or the Transfer Center

  2. When is the deadline for applying?

    The deadlines for applying to Cal State Fullerton can be found at CSU Mentor

  3. What is GE/IGETC Certification?

    There are two General Education-Breadth patterns that California Community College students can complete.
    (1) CSU General Education-Breadth Program
    This program is a lower-division, 39-semester-unit pattern. Students must take specified courses in five specific areas. Students with full certification are required to complete a minimum of 9 semester units of upper- division general education in residence after transferring to CSUF. Students may be instructed to take those 9 units in specific areas in order to complete GE categories.
    (2) Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)
    All lower-division Cal State Fullerton G.E. requirements may be satisfied by the completion in its entirety of this transfer curriculum at a California community college. Information about IGETC is available at each campus.

    Please visit our page on GE/IGETC Certification
  4. How do I become GE/IGETC Certified?

    Speak to your advisor or counselor at your pre-transfer institution to fill out the proper certification paperwork.

  5. I have completed all of my lower-division GE classes. Do I need to complete anything else for General Education?

    Yes. All students must complete 9 units of upper division GE coursework. Please consult our page on upper division GE

  6. I have AP credit and it is showing on my transcript. Do I need to send the scores directly to Cal State Fullerton?

    Yes. All AP scores must be sent directly to Cal State Fullerton. Visit the College Board website to send your scores.

  7. I am having trouble registering. Is there anywhere to get help?

    Watch the Admissions tutorial on registration

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