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Academic Disqualification : Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be disqualified?
Disqualification means you have been dismissed and are no longer an admitted/matriculated student at the University. Once disqualified, you can no longer register for classes through Titan Online. The only option you have to continue taking degree credit courses at CSUF after you are disqualified, is to add classes through Open University. FAFSA financial aid is not awarded for Open University enrollment since that aid requires you be in an admitted status.

What do I do if I am disqualified?
Once disqualified, the University Registrar will send you a disqualification letter to inform you about your academic status and the steps you must take in order to qualify for readmission to the University. As stated in the disqualification letter, you must complete the mandatory Disqualification Tutorial before you can attend either an Academic Disqualification Workshop or an advising session with an Open University Advisor. During the workshop or advising session, you will learn about your options after disqualification, and will have your disqualification hold waived for the current term to enroll in credit courses through Open University. An automatic disqualification hold will remain on your student profile, preventing registration until you receive approval from an Open University advisor for every term you enroll through Open University. The recurring DQ registration hold will be removed after you are readmitted to CSUF.

As a disqualified student, what are my options for returning to the University?
Option 1: Readmission
To be eligible for readmission to the University, a minimum of a 2.0 CSUF and Cumulative GPA must be achieved. To raise your CSUF GPA, courses must be taken through Open University. To be readmitted, you must reapply to CSUF at CSUMentor. It is imperative you check the application deadlines found on CSUMentor to avoid a delay in admission. Admission to the University may only be granted in the Fall and Spring semesters, and applications are generally available 4-10 months prior to the start of the semester in which you plan to return.

August 1 to August 31 Spring applicants
October 1 to November 30 Fall applicants

Option 2: Reinstatement
Reinstatement allows disqualified students to return immediately to the University as a matriculated student without a "break" in enrollment. Reinstatement is not granted for future grades in progress. A deadline is established each semester for reinstatement cases to be reviewed. Please speak with your advisor to determine if you qualify for reinstatement. Listed below are the only justifications for academic reinstatement and will be reviewed on an individual basis.

  • Application of Grade Forgiveness for previously completed courses, as outlined in UPS 300.015 .(EX: Grade Forgiveness applied to courses in which you have already repeated, not intend on repeating during future semesters)
  • Grade Changes as outlined in University Policy UPS 300.023

What are the minimum requirements for readmission?

  1. A minimum of a 2.0 GPA (CSUF, Transfer and Cumulative);
  2. A minimum of 60 combined, transferable units earned;
  3. The "Golden Four" GE categories must be completed with a grade of a C or higher: Oral Communication (A.1), Written Communication (A.2), Critical Thinking (A.3), and Mathematics (B.4);
  4. Any other admission criteria established, must be satisfied at the time of application.

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