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Open University Enrollment at CSUF

What is Open University Enrollment?
Open University Enrollment (managed by University Extended Education) is a way for non-admitted students to take courses from the regular University schedule of classes. You may enroll into anything at the undergraduate level (100-400) for which you have read course descriptions and can acknowledge you have met the stated prerequisites or their equivalent by classes taken elsewhere. Some academic departments may ask you to show completion of prerequisites with transcripts. Enrollment is on a space available-permission basis. You are enrolling as a guest student. It is not just academically disqualified students enrolling through Open University. It can be anyone not currently admitted to CSUF who needs to take classes from the regular University schedule of degree classes.

Since Open University Enrollment is the only option you have to continue taking degree credit courses at CSUF after you are academically disqualified, you are expected to take full advantage of this opportunity by earning A's, B's, and raising your CSUF and total grade point averages in a reasonable time. First and foremost, you should address any and all issues that contributed to your academic disqualification. Often one needs to stabilize any and all outside issues before resuming course enrollment. You are limited to enrolling into 6 units through Open University during Spring, Summer and Fall while in a disqualified status.

Important Information about Open University Enrollment Unit Limits
Only the first 24 units of credit earned through Open University enrollment may count towards the cumulative units required for a bachelor's degree at CSUF. Courses taken beyond the 24 units are calculated in your grade point average and satisfy subject requirements, but do not earn units towards graduation.

Residence Requirements for Graduation
Units earned through Open University do NOT satisfy residence requirements for the bachelor's degree earned at CSUF.  Residence refers to the number and specific units that must be completed in an admitted status.  Please refer to the Graduation Requirements section of the university catalog for further information on this.

Business Majors
Students in the Mihaylo College of Business & Economics (MCBE) must also satisfy residence requirements for that major. A minimum of 30 units for that major must be completed in residence in the Mihaylo College of Business & Economics. In addition, at least half of the units in the concentration of the major must be in residence. Students completing the Accounting concentration must complete at least 15 units in residence. At least 15 of the last 24 units of courses in the major must be taken in residence at the Mihaylo College of Business & Economics. Please consult with the Business Advising Center in SGMH-1201 or call 657-278-2211. Students also must fulfill university residence requirements.

Registering through Open University at CSUF
Before any student academically disqualified from CSUF will be allowed to enroll through Open University, that student is required to complete one-time mandatory disqualification advisement with one of the Academic Advisors for Open University.  This can be satisfied with an in-person appointment, as well as by attending one of the Disqualification Workshops held in early January or in early Summer.  Keep in mind, there is very little time after academic status runs at the end of the Fall semester and when the upcoming Spring semester starts in late January.  Participation in one of the Disqualification Workshops held in early January would be required if one wanted to attend classes through Open University that current Spring term.

Disqualification Advising Registration Hold in your Student Center in the CSUF Portal
A Disqualification Advising Hold will appear in your Student Center upon your initial disqualification from CSUF.  At the time you complete your initial mandatory advisement with one of the Open University advisors or attend an approved workshop, the Hold can be waived for that current or upcoming term to allow you to register through Open University.  However, this is a recurring registration Hold that will reappear in your Student Center term-to-term.  It can be waived again when you receive approval from one of the Open University advisors to enroll through Open University in another future term.  At some point, you are required to let one of the Open University advisors know when you have been readmitted to CSUF and they can release the recurring Hold at that time.

Open University Registration in Spring and Fall Semesters
Registration during the Spring and Fall sixteen-week semesters is a paper registration, request permission to add at-the-start-of-the term, process.  There is no early or online registration for these terms.  Do view the university schedule in advance for planning purposes at www.fullerton.edu/schedule and then go to Open University for forms and registration instructions. Refer to updated information on the Open University website regarding current fees and timelines.

Open University Registration during Intersession and Summer Terms
Registration during these two terms can be done online at Open University on dates assigned after admitted students have had the opportunity to enroll. Refer to updated information on the Open University website regarding current fees and timelines.

Do I have other options besides Open University Enrollment?
In some cases, it is best for a disqualified student to not enroll through Open University at CSUF and, in some cases, consider enrollment/admission to another academic institution. If you plan to transfer to another academic institution, be sure to consult with the admissions office for that institution regrading admission requirements.

Students who might choose this option may have an extremely low GPA, and have a low probability of earning the grades needed for readmission to CSUF.  This could also be students that have exhausted all course repeat possibilities and/or have exhausted the use of the 24-unit limit through Open Enrollment for a bachelor’s degree.  In general, students failing to make academic progress through Open Enrollment as well, should consider other options.

FAFSA Financial Aid and Open University Enrollment
You may not use FAFSA awarded financial aid to pay fees for Open University enrollment because you are not in admitted status with the university.  This includes all grants and loans under this type of award.  You may plan to reapply for FAFSA awarded aid to be disbursed during the term you plan to be readmitted to CSUF.

Other Educational Loans for Open University Enrollment
Students may apply for and use other private educational loans for Open Enrollment. 
Go to http://extension.fullerton.edu/ProfessionalDevelopment/Financial-Aid for information regarding these types of loans. Your own commercial bank or credit union may also offer these types of loans, as well.

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