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Open University Registration Procedures

What is Open University/Extended Education?
Open University provides an opportunity for people who are not currently admitted to a degree program at Cal State Fullerton, to enroll in degree credit classes. Registration is based on a space-available basis and students must fulfill prerequisite and eligibility requirements. This includes students academically disqualified from CSUF. Enrollment in Open University does not constitute admission to the University and there ARE restrictions on the number of Open University units that may count towards a degree. Open University advising and registration is handled through University Extended Education. For complete program information, review Open University at CSUF The Student Services Office for Extended Education is located in College Park 100. When registering for classes, disqualified students must select courses from the regular CSUF class schedule.

Since Open University is the only option you have to continue taking degree credit courses at CSUF after you are disqualified, you are expected to take full advantage of this opportunity by earning A's, B's, and raising your CSUF and total grade point averages in a reasonable time. Students who make school a top priority, and immediately address the issues or circumstances that led to their academic problems are more likely to be readmitted to CSUF. Students who do not make serious changes in their lives are more likely to continue doing poorly and less likely to qualify for readmission.

*** Important Notes About Open University ***

No more than 24 units of Open University credit may count toward a bachelor's degree. Courses taken beyond the 24 units are calculated in your grade point average and satisfy subject requirements, but do not earn graduation units.

Units earned through Open University do NOT satisfy residence requirements for the bachelor's degree. Please refer to the Graduation Requirements section of the university catalog 2011-13 Page Number 44. Students in the College of Business and Economics (CBE) must also satisfy residence requirements for their major. Click to view CBE residence requirements. For information on residence requirements for your major, please consult with the Business Advising Center in SGMH-1201 or call (657)278-2211.

Spring and Fall Registration

  1. Attend one of the mandatory academic support workshop for advisement and class approval. Students may not register for classes in Open University until they have consulted with an advisor.
  2. Disqualified students are only allowed to enroll in 6 units per academic term, no exceptions!
  3. Registration is on a space available basis. This means that you have to petition for your classes and have to wait until matriculated CSUF students have had a chance to register for the class first before the professor approves your petition. After reading the registration procedures, please fill out your registration form (red link below) with the classes you want to petition and bring it with you to your workshop for approval.

  4. Open University Registration Form

  5. After you have obtained the signature of the disqualification advisor, attend the first class meeting and ask the instructor to sign and date the registration form. Professors have the right to refuse to add students to their classes.
  6. Take the registration form to the academic department office that offers the course you are petitioning and get your registration form stamped. For example, if you are petitioning a Psychology class, you need to go to the Psychology Department to get your registration form stamped.
  7. Once you have obtained registration approval from your disqualification advisor, the professor, and the department stamp, submit your completed registration form to the UEE registration office in College Park 100, and pay the fees to be officially enrolled.
  8. It is your responsibility to become familiar with Open University's policies on refunds and program changes (www.csufextension.org)

Summer and Intersession Registration

During summer and intersession, you can register online through the Open University website at: www.csufextension.org. When you enter the website, click the Open University option and answer "Yes" when asked if you have met with your disqualification adviser. Disqualified students are only allowed to enroll in 6 units per academic term, no exceptions!

Open University Fees
$286.00 per unit
$25 Consolidated course fee
$4 Titan Card Activation Fee
$25 Late registration fee (per transaction)
$10 Grade Option change fee
$35 Class Change Fee
$25 per dishonored or returned check or invalid credit card payment

I have other options besides Open University?
In some cases, it is best for disqualified students to try to get a fresh academic start by transferring to another university instead of going through Open University. If you plan to transfer to another university, make sure to meet with an admissions counselor at the campus you are interested in to find out about their admission requirements. Students who choose this option do not intend to or cannot return to CSUF. Below are some examples of students who may benefit from this option.

  • Students who cannot afford the Open University registration fee ($248.00 per unit). There is no financial aid available to disqualified students.
  • Students who have an extremely low GPA, and a very low probability of earning the high grades needed to qualify for readmission.
  • Students who exhaust the Open University 24-unit limit and fail to make significant academic progress.

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