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Reinstatement Option

In a very small number of cases, students disqualified at the end of the semester may qualify for reinstatement based on the following criteria -
Application of Grade Forgiveness
Grade Changes
University Petitions

Reinstatement Process

  1. Reinstatement petitions can be obtained only from a disqualification advisor.
  2. Questions regarding the reinstatement process should be directed to the Academic Advisement Center, please e-mail Josh Loudon at
  3. If your reinstatement is granted, you will receive an email notification from the AAC Assistant Director and a letter from Admissions and Records. You will be able to register for courses approximately two days after your reinstatement is completed.
  4. If your reinstatement petition is denied, you must follow the recommendations listed on your disqualification worksheet, which will be provided by your disqualification advisor.

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