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Mission Statement:-
Student Support Advisement is a student-centered, research and evidence based resource available to all students who visit the Academic Advisement Center. Incorporating supportive conversation, meaningful activities, and collaborative efforts between advisor and student, this holistic advisement approach aims to assist students through transitions as well as quality of life concerns such as stress management and life balance using the student's own unique situation and experiences as a guide. Student Support Advisement will also assist students in locating the appropriate on campus resources to assist them in times of crisis or need, like Counseling and Psychological Services, and the Women's Center.

Are you concerned about your courses, your grades or your progress towards graduation?
Are you feeling lonely or disconnected from college life?
Are you wondering how you are going to balance all the demands of your life?
Do you need help building your semester schedule or managing your time?
Do you want to learn how to manage your stress level?
Do you need help figuring out where to go on campus to get the help or resources you need?

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Please note that use of Student Support Advisement Services should not be substituted for professional, emergency services. If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact the appropriate resources. CSUF?s Counseling and Psychological Services Center has trained professionals available to assist you, and the CSUF?s Women?s Center has great resources available addressing a variety of matters. The Student Support Advisement Website is meant primarily to assist students experiencing academic distress or transitional issues and is not a substitute for professional care. This website is for general information purposes only. Some of the information or suggestions made here may not be right for you. You should always consult your doctor, or a mental health professional for advice. Links to other Web sites are not affiliated with California State University, Fullerton and may or may not express the views of the University. The University cannot verify and is not responsible for the accuracy of any information found on these sites

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