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Personal Empowerment

Personal Empowerment\

Academic Success Starts and Ends with You!

A large part of general wellness is feeling like you are personally empowered to handle any and all situations, stressors and challenges in your life that may affect you. This feeling of empowerment and self-confidence comes in large part as a result of taking personal responsibility for your life and the choices that you make. This means that you understand that you are free to create your own life and construct your own college experience. What does it mean to take Personal Responsibility for your College Experience? It means that you

Remember that you are ultimately responsible to choose the direction of your educational experience and you understand that it is not the task of others to manage your education.

Take preventative, health oriented steps to structure your life with personal care behaviors, time management skills, and stress management techniques.

You are aware of your priorities and goals for your education.

You attend classes regularly, you are present and actively engaged during lecture, you complete all reading and course work requirements, and you seek out the professor or additional resources if questions come up. Additionally, you study and prepare for exams, manage your time well, and you take pride in the quality of work being submitted in your name. You also understand that grades are earned (not given) and that you will only be able to get out of your education what you put in.

Material Adapted from: Personal Responsibility, Chuck Galozzi & Accepting Personal Responsibility, James J. Messina, PhD

Acknowledge that YOU are solely responsible for the choices you make surrounding your education! This means actively participating in your education by:

  • Seeking Academic Advisement
  • Engaging in dialogue with your professors S
  • Tracking your progress towards graduation using your Titan Degree Audit (TDA)
  • Being your own advocate for success on the CSUF campus

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