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Time Management

SSA Time Management Intro

Time Management is an important skill for any college student. Effective time management will help you to be an academically successful student, to manage your overall stress levels and to ensure that there are enough hours in the day for you to accomplish all of your tasks and responsibilities.

Managing your time is a highly personalized skill; only you know your peak work hours, your attention span, your personal eating and sleeping needs. Only you understand the various facets of your life and the roles you fulfill on daily basis.

This resource will provide you with some tips and strategies to manage your time more effectively. You are invited to review the follow suggestions and consider if any of them seem like the right fit for you!

The Three Steps to Efficient Time Management Are:

Organizing * Prioritizing * Scheduling

  • Organization usually involves the use of lists, calendars and other strategies to help you to be aware of all of your tasks and responsibilities.
  • Prioritizing usually involves understanding which tasks are the most important and should be handled first, versus which tasks can take a back seat or even be delegated to someone else.
  • Scheduling usually involves a daily attempt to keep your tasks and responsibilities organized in a way that feels comfortable.

If you are endeavoring to improve your time management skills, ask yourself :
How am I currently managing my time?
Where do I really spend my time?
Do I use my time wisely to focus on the things that are most important to me?
What am I doing to reduce my stress and anxiety in how I manage my time?
How am I attempting to use time wisely to balance my life?

Identify where your time management challenges lie:

  • Limitation of time?
  • Balancing your time?
  • Minimizing work time?
  • Setting your priorities?

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Be Productive- Determine the times of the day in which you do your best work!
Prevent Problems- Communicate your needs and goals to others and be prepared for things to not always go as planned!
Protect your time- Say "NO" when necessary (it's okay!) and delegate tasks to people you trust when it is appropriate to do so!

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