Academic Probation

Students are placed on Academic Probation when their Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) and/or Cumulative GPA(s) fall below a 2.0 (“C” average).

To help students regain good academic standing and achieve academic success, all students placed on Academic Probation are required to watch the CSUF mandatory Academic Probation Tutorial. The video tutorial is mandatory for all students who are placed on Academic Probation at the end of Fall and/or Spring semester. The tutorial is designed to help students better understand Academic Probation, relevant University policies, how to use the GPA Calculator tool, and strategies for academic improvement. There are required quizzes throughout the video, along with a final Exit Survey that must be completed at the end of the video in order for your major department to confirm you have satisfied the tutorial requirement. Be sure to take notes throughout the video, and visit success.fullerton.eduOpens in new window to view any additional steps required by your major college.

In compliance with University Policy 300.002, a REGISTRATION HOLD will be placed on all Cal State Fullerton students on academic probation and you are required to see an advisor before you can register for the upcoming semester. Academic Advisement is committed to supporting you along your journey to academic success.

To ensure your Registration Hold is removed and you are prepared to meet with your advisor(s), complete the following steps:

First-time freshman students placed on academic probation after their very first semester must participate in the Academic Success Institute, which will require multiple steps to help you regain good academic standing. You will receive an email with details and further instructions during the second week of January, after Registration & Records notifies you of your probation status.

All other students, you must first complete the online Academic Probation Tutorial, if you have not yet done so. Second, visit the following link: in new window and click on your major college (or Undeclared if you do not yet have a major) to view instructions for completing your remaining academic probation requirements.

   Click here to watch the Pre-tutorial Quick Video (2 minutes)Opens in new window  

   Click Here to watch the Academic Probation Tutorial (45 minutes)Opens in new window  

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