Academic Disqualification

When you are academically disqualified, you are no longer considered an "admitted/matriculated" student at CSUF. All academically disqualified students must complete mandatory advising at least once through workshop attendance or an individual appointment, before you may attend degree classes through Open University.

Undergraduate students on academic probation are subject to disqualification if their CSUF or total grade point averages fall below one of the following levels of disqualification.

Academic Disqualification
Class Level Units Earned GPA Level
Seniors 90 or more 1.95
Juniors 60-89 1.85
Sophomores 30 - 59 1.70
Freshmen 0 - 29 1.50

The information above is defined in The California State University, Chancellor's Order number 823.


Steps for Regaining Good Academic Standing and Readmission to CSUF


Before getting started and proceeding through this process, take a moment to reflect upon your experience as a student. Assess your individual goals. Do you want to earn a degree from CSUF? What changes can be made that will promote a positive outcome?


Evaluate the primary reasons leading to your Academic Disqualification. Once your individual challenges have been identified, develop a specific plan that will allow you to raise your GPA, make sufficient progress towards a degree, and return to CSUF!


Attend a mandatory Academic Disqualification Workshop OR meet with an Open University Advisor. This will be an opportunity to review your individual academic plan: repair your GPA, make degree progress, learn the Open University enrollment process, and become eligible for readmission. Keep in mind when creating your plan, only the first 24 units earned through Open University will count as cumulative units towards your degree at CSUF.


You are required to bring all materials below when attending the Academic Disqualification Workshop for newly disqualified students or meeting with an Open University Advisor:

Appointments for previously disqualified students and for those unable to attend a workshop:

  • Previously disqualified students may make appointments with an advisor by booking a date and time on the Open University's Advising website.
  • If you are not showing an "active major", run your TDA as a "what if" major.  
    Please view Instructions for printing your TDA and transcript above.
  • Approval from an Open University advisor is required each semester to enroll in courses through Open University. Please reach out to one of the advisors below to have your recurring disqualification advising hold waived in advance of the term you wish to enroll through open university. You may reach out via email. 

Office: (657) 278 - 4280
Gordon Hall-123 (formerly University Hall)

Click here to meet with Suzanne BatistaOpens in new window  


Office: (657) 278 - 7644
Titan Hall 123

Click here to to meet with Margaret Y. LuzziOpens in new window