Improving GPA

Repetition of Courses Policy

When used strategically, the Repetition of Courses Policy can help to improve your GPA more quickly than taking brand new courses.The original and repeated courses must be taken here at CSUF.

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Grade Forgiveness

16 units of coursework may be applied toward Grade Forgiveness (approx. 5 courses). A course can be repeated up to 2 times, for a total of 3 attempts maximum.

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Maintaining Balance

A transition can be generally defined as a period of time in which an aspect of your life changes in a way that requires adjustment and coping. The college experience is filled with transitional times, some of which can be exciting and some of which can be stressful and challenging.

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Time Management

Organization usually involves the use of lists, calendars and other strategies to help you to be aware of all of your tasks and responsibilities. Prioritizing usually involves understanding which tasks are the most important and should be handled first. Scheduling usually involves a daily attempt to keep your tasks and responsibilities organized in a way that feels comfortable.

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