Repetition of Courses Policy

When used strategically, the Repetition of Courses Policy can help to improve your GPA more quickly than taking brand new courses.

Students may repeat a total of 28 units maximum (16 units of Grade Forgiveness and 12 units of Grade Averaging) for courses where a grade of “C-“ or below was earned. A single course may be repeated twice, for a total of 3 attempts maximum.

Students must submit an Adjustment Inquiry form to apply grade forgiveness, grade averaging, or to remove duplicate units for your repeated courses. The Adjustment Inquiry form is available in Admissions & Records (Langsdorf Hall 114) and on the Admissions & Records website: in new window -----> Resources ------> Forms ----> Adjustment Inquiry - Undergraduates

The original and repeated courses must be taken here at CSUF.

Before repeating a course, ask yourself some questions:

  • Is successful completion of this course required for my major or GEs?
  • Will I be changing my major?
  • Will I be more likely to earn a passing grade this time around?
  • If I am using Financial Aid, will the tuition for the repeated course be covered?
    • Be sure to consult with the Financial Aid department before repeating courses, if you are currently receiving financial aid (University Hall 146, 657-278-3125).