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General Education

At CSUF, there is nothing "General" about the General Education Curriculum. Students have the opportunity to choose from over 500 Approved GE courses to meet the 51 unit requirement. The General Education program, designed to introduce the student to a breadth of knowledge, prepares the student to understand and actively participate in a diverse and complex world. The specific learning goals for each category can be found in the University CatalogOpens in new window .

General Education Unit Requirements
51 Total units including
- 9 units of Upper Division General Education (300-400)
- 9 units in Residence at CSUF
- 3 units in cultural diversity (courses marked with an asterisk *)
- General Education is limited to either 9 units or 3 courses from a single department, excluding courses in GE Area A, Core Competencies
- Each course counts in only one GE Area, except those meeting Area Z, Culture Diversity

General Education Academic Standards
- Letter grade required
- C (2.0) or better in GE Areas A.1, A.2, A.3 and B.4. Thus, a grade of C- (1.7) is not sufficient to fulfill those requirements.
- CR/NC allowed if it is the only grade option available.

General Education Course Requirements
- Courses offered by the department of the student's major may not be used to fulfill the unit requirements of Areas B, C, D, E or Z, with the exception of areas offering choices from only one department. For Example: If you are a Psychology major, you may NOT use PSYC 361 for General Education.
- Upper-division GE courses are not applicable for graduate degree credit, regardless of the student's major or the department offering the course.


The major is the academic field in which the bachelor's degree is earned. Major requirements are usually a combination of specified courses and electives within the major. In addition, some majors may have experiential requirements such as field experience or internships.

Many freshmen begin their academic careers without having declared their major. The earlier the major is identified, however, the better choices students can make regarding the selection of classes. The Academic Advisement Center has an Major Exploration Resource Center in UH 124. For more useful information, visit the Undeclared Students page on this site.


In order to earn a bachelors degree from CSUF, students must successfully complete a minimum of 120 units(some degree programs require higher totals). Some students choose to complete the requirements for a minor to gain those additional units while other students simply enjoy sampling courses from across the campus departments. General electives may be from the student's major department or other departments.