Finish in Four

The mission of the Finish in Four Scholars Program (FIFSP) is to support its student participants’ commitment to a four year graduation. Scholars are supported through scheduled advising by their major and General Education advisors each semester, concentrated adherence to the program's guidelines and requirements, and robust opportunities for personal, academic, and social development for their future success.

The Finish in Four Scholars Program will: 

Goal  1                 

Encourage a sense of self-advocacy and emphasize FIFSP Scholars' opportunities to take an active role in planning their education with their dedicated team of professional academic advisors.  

Goal  2

Educate FIFSP Scholars in the importance of accountability and self-responsibility as each must commit to a structured program that will allow them to effectively accomplish the goal of graduating in four years. 

Goal  3

Create opportunities for FIFSP Scholars to establish a community of support between peers, advisors, and faculty.  

Goal  4

Intentionally promote and integrate the ideals and values of a Liberal Education throughout each program activity, thus preparing FIFSP Scholars to successfully apply such knowledge to real-world settings. 

Goal  5

Empower FIFSP Scholars to make informed decisions pertaining to their academic progress based on individual goals.