Graduation Requirements

Total unit Requirements: The minimum number of semester units necessary for a bachelor’s degree, including courses for the major, general education, all University requirements and free electives, exclusive of remedial courses (i.e., courses numbered 0-99), is as follows:

  1. For the Bachelor of Arts degree – 120 units
  2. For the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree -- 132 units
  3. For the Bachelor of Science degree – 120 units
  4. For the Bachelor of Music degree – 132 units

Upper-Division Requirement: A minimum of 40 semester units of upper-division coursework is required for any CSUF bachelor’s degree. Courses offering upper-division credit are those numbered at the 300- and 400-levels.

All units from upper-division courses are applicable to the upper-division units requirement, including units from courses in the major, the minor and general education.

Special Unit Totals: The maximum number of special semester units accepted for a bachelor’s degree is as follows:

  • Transferable units from community or junior colleges - 70 units
  • Transferable units from a four-year university or college, or from a combination of two- and four-year institutions for degrees requiring 120 units – 90 units
  • From credit by examination – 30 units
  • From extension and correspondence courses – 24 units
  • From credit/no credit courses – 36 units
  • From internship course – 6 units
  • From independent study courses – 9 units
  • From tutorial courses (3)

Residence Requirement: A minimum of thirty (30) semester units must be earned in courses taken at California State University, Fullerton. Twenty-four (24) of these units must be earned in upper-division courses. At least twelve (12) upper-division semester units in the major must be taken at this institution. Courses taken in extension (except for summer session and intersession courses offered as part of the special sessions program) and units earned through credit by examination may not be used to fulfill these requirements.

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