Faculty and Staff Advisor Training Videos

Advisor's Checklist

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Watch this video on an advisor’s first steps and learn about holistic support and informed referrals—both key for effective advising.

Posting Advising Notes

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Learn about the advising note function in TitanNet. Specifically, why advisors post notes, how to post a note, and how to write a quality note.

TDA Exceptions

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Learn about TDA Exceptions—a resource faculty advisors use to facilitate degree completion. Even if you do not submit TDA Exceptions, it is great to be informed of this process in order.

Graduation Check

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Review the graduation check process, including who is involved and what the responsibilities are of each party involved.

Grading Options

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Watch this video to learn about grading options at CSUF, with particular attention on the non-letter grades and how they do or do not affect a student’s GPA.

Problem Solving to Meet Units Requirements

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Learn about independent study 499 courses and how they can be used to help students meet their 120 unit requirement needed for graduation.

Retroactive Petitions

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Watch this video to learn about four petitions useful to students: Retroactive Add, Retroactive Withdrawal, Retroactive Change of Grading Basis, and Retroactive Change of Unit Value.