Undeclared is Just the Beginning!

  If you are Undeclared, you’ll be happy to know that this is a great way to begin your college career.

Being Undeclared offers so many advantages and options as you explore your interests, career paths and most importantly----who you are in all of this process! As an Undeclared Student, you will be supported by the Academic Advising Center (AAC) which will serve as your “Home” until you find a major you wish to declare.

All Undeclared students MUST declare a major by the time they reach 60 units per CSUF Academic Policy.

Our AAC Major Exploration Program also helps to prepare you to explore what academic programs that CSUF has to offer amongst other great opportunities!

Major Exploration

Major Exploration Program

Major Exploration Program provides students the opportunity and guidance to actively, holistically, and responsibly engage in the Major exploration process. 

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Major Advising

Major Exploration Workshops

Want to visit a major or minor department to learn more about their requirements and the careers their students pursue? Click here for to view a map of Major Advising Locations and Other Resourses.PDF File Opens in new window