Welcome to the Titan Major Exploration Program!

As an undeclared student, you will find your home base within the Academic Advisement Center!

As a Titan Major Explorer, you will find the time until you declare your major (you must declare by 60 units) to be one full of adjustment, questioning and newfound learning.

The Titan Major Exploration Program is designed to help influence and inform you about major/minor degree options available at CSUF for both academic interest and career paths. You will find between program workshops and advising, that you have a full team of support as you explore different areas to major in.

Remember that being undeclared has some great benefits so please don’t feel frustrated if you can’t decide by your first or second semester! Take your time to get adjusted to CSUF and also to really explore our general education course plans in hopes of opening your eyes to all our amazing academic programs!

Major Exploration Pathway:

Step 1 :Assessing Personal and Career Interests

Taking some time to understand your personal goals and defining your core values, personality, preferences, interests, strengths, and skills will help you narrow down what it is that you really want to do and how you would like to develop your future career path.

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Step 2: Exploring Careers

Once you have a better understanding of your interests, the resources below can help you to gather an understanding of potential career options.

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Step 3: Exploring Majors

Choosing your majorOpens in new window is one of the most important aspects of the undergraduate experience. It is an individual yet shared experience among undergraduate students. It is an affirmation of your academic interests as well as a testament of your goals and aspirations.

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Final Step: Declare a Major

If you are a current CSUF student who wants to change your major or minor, there are some steps you have to follow.

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